Strawberry Rasgulla recipe
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Dish ready in45-50 mins

Serve to6 adults

Strawberry Rasgulla recipe

Key Ingredients

  • 450 gms strawberry puree
  • 300 gms white chocolate
  • 25 gms gelatine leaves
  • 400 gms whipping cream
  • 24 nos rasgulla
  • 100 gms raspberry puree
  • 250 gms unsalted butter
  • 200 gms gram flour
  • 100 gms castor sugar
  • 200 gms ghee
  • 300 gms lemon
  • 100 gms liquid glucose
  • 350 gms of panner

Dish Preparation:

  • Take out the soaked paneer (fresh) and knead to a smoooth paste dough. Make 23 equal balls out of it and one ball of double the size of other balls.
  • Take water in a pan and pit to a boil. Add sugar to the water and stir till a consistency of the syrup is obtained.
  • Then add the balls to the pan and bring to a boil till the balls double the size.
  • Now, take out the big ball in a bowl with syrup separately and add the berry juice to colour the rasgullas.
  • Take the strawberry puree and white chocolate together in a pan and heat to warm.
  • Then fold the mix with whipped cream and soaked gelatine leaves.
  • Make a dome with a rasgulla in the centre and keep it to freeze.
  • Glaze the dish with a red glaze.
  • Serve it along with the other soaked rasgullas.

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