Ragi Samosa recipe
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Dish ready in45-50 mins

Serve to5 adults

Ragi Samosa recipe

Key Ingredients

  • 250 gms ragi atta
  • water for the dough
  • Pinch of ajwain
  • Salt to taste 
  • For the stuffing:
  • 1/2 tsp cumin Seeds
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric Powder
  • Fresh Coriander leaves 5-6 nos
  • Fresh Mint leaves 3-4 nos
  • 250 ml canola Oil
  • half bowl of boiled peas or chole
  • 2 nos potatoes (boiled)
  • A small ginger clove finely chopped
  • Salt to taste
  • 1-2 nos green chilli finely chopped
  • 10-15 pieces of cashew nuts (Kaju cloves)
  • 10-15 pieces raisins (Kishmish)
  • 200 gms cucumber
  • Tamarind/Tomato/Mint-Pudina Chutney


1.Take the ragi flour in a bowl and add water. Mix well to have a consistency of a pancake batter.

2.Heat the batter in a microwave for half minute to 45 seconds and then let it cool.

3. Mix ajwain and salt to it and knead a smooth dough. Let the dough rest.

4. Now take a pan, add some oil to it on medium -hot flame. Then add cumin seeds, ginger, green chilli and saute in medium flame for 3-4 mins..

5. Add raisins and cashew nuts to it with turmeric powder and saute the mixture. Stirr well and add the pieces of cucumber, boiled peas and boiled potatoes with salt to taste and cook the mix till oil comes out to the top.

6. Let the mixture cool. Now, take the ragi dough make small balls out of the dough. Flatten the balls into oval shape. oNce all the balls are done, cut the flattened rotis into half. Do it for all the rotis.

7. Add freshly chopped corriander leaves to the stuffing mixture and start stuffing the samosas. Once all the samosas are done, take cooking oil in a kadhai and let it heat to medium – high flame for 1-2 mins. Once the oil is hot, fry the samosas 2-3 at a time. Cook evenly and take out when crispy.

8. Serve with tamarind/tmoato/Mint-pudina chutney. Your Ragi Samosa is ready.

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