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Friends please join this cookery site. Shaad Ranna means tasty food. Food has a great role in connecting people through out the world. This site just wants to make it better and fresher with each blog recipes of the visitors.

A visitor can register and write a guest post on any recipe cooked by him or her. Once it is published, people would come to know about the author chef and the recipe. The author is free to add their twist of taste. We, from the family of Shaad Ranna, welcome everyone heartily

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  • Shaad Ranna is a cookery site. What makes it unique is that every user is a blogger. All foodies can register and post recipe with a picture of the final dish. We publish the name of the author. We believe it's your site. This is our contact details
  • Address:Rourkela, Odisha, India
  • Phone:+91-9542025000
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