Bhang Thandai- Holi 2021 special
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Dish ready in 45 mins

Serve to 3-4 adults

Bhang Thandai- Holi 2021 special drink

About Bhang Thandai – Holi 2021 special drink: Prepare Bhang Thandai to celebrate the colourful festival along with special snacks and sweets. For that, check out our Holi special category. Let’s have a safe Holi 2021.

How to make this Recipe?

Key Ingredients

  • A litre of milk
  • Half kg milk cream or any flavoured ice cream of your choice
  • 75 gms of almonds
  • About 75 gms of pistachios
  • Approx 75 gms Kaju
  • A tablespoon of black peppercorns, cardamoms, fennel seeds (saunf), soaked khus-khus each.
  • Sugar to taste or Sugar free product.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Half a cup of dried or fresh rose petals or rose water
  • Bhang patta or powder
  • You can add twist to the drink with fruits of your choice and flavours like vanilla or strawberry, etc.

Dish Preparation:

1. Take a pan and roast the whole spices and dry fruits and light grind to a mix. Do not grind the fenel seeds.

2. Heat the milk in another pan and allow to boil.

3. Take out some milk and add to the dry mix of spices and dry fruits and blend to a paste texture.

4. Add this paste into the boiling milk. Add the bhang patta or powder as per your choice of masti and keep stirring till the milk thickens a bit

5. We have still not added sugar or sugar free as we shall add ice cream and fruits. Add a pinch of salt and mix. Now strain the milk and keep aside to cool.

6. Once normal, keep the milk in the refrigerator to cool. Just while playing holi, take out the milk and serve in glasses.

7. Add the flavours of customized choices and mix well.

8. Then add the ice cream and fruits of customized choices to the glasses and serve cold. Your wonderful with a kick twiste Bhang thandai drink is ready for Holi 2021.

tasty Bhang lassi
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