Bhang peda- Holi 2021 special dessert
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Dish ready in 45 mins

Serve to 4-5 adults

Bhang peda- Holi 2021 special dessert

About Bhang peda – Holi 2021 special sweet dish: Prepare Bhang peda along with snacks and drinks on the special festival. Our taste buds must not miss any kick. Check out all the recipes at our Holi special category.

How to make this Recipe?

Key Ingredients

  • 250 gms mawa (solidified thickned milk)
  • 2 Tbsp bhang powder
  • About 150 gms sugar or any sugar free product to taste
  • 100 gms ghee
  • 2 tbsp of a mix of pistachios and kaju, kishmish

Dish Preparation:

1. Take a pan and heat ghee. Add the mawa and sugar. Keep stirring well till the mix looks like a smooth dough.

2. Add the bhang powder suit to your choice and mix well

3.  Now add the chopped dry fruits give a final mix. Put the mixture aside this mixture to cool.

4. Rub some ghee in you palm and make peda with hand or in cast design moulds as per your choice.

5.  You can make the same dish with jaggery (especially Jhola gur or Nolen Gur) isntead of sugar to get a additional Bengali kick to the dish.

6. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours. Your Bhang peda is ready to serve.

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