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Join us in the family of Bengali and Indian Cuisine which we all love.This site is unique as the visitors are the bloggers. When a visitor registers with Shaad Ranna, they get the access for Guest Post of recipes with us with their name, picture with that. We would share a e-book on completion of 15 recipes by each Guest

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Hii friends, This is Shibajee Dey Choudhury

I am a civil engineer and blogger. This is a new website, started during lockdown period. The basic idea fo this website is to bring out the variety of cuisines from different parts of India to the world. I wish it can achieve great heights with your love and support. Please join and subscribe our site and social media. We have a unique option to let a visitor- a food lover to upload his or her recipe here with names published. This service is absolutely free. So, get famous and make the food-lover group as big as possible.

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Phulka roti

Spices-base of Indian Cuisine

Try and combine spices

Indian regions use similar combination of spices through out the country. The most easy way of knowing the value of a spice in right amount, is to keep experimenting with quantities and combinations and note down the results for that particular combination. Yes, we are dependent on spices almost wholly in Indian cuisine.

Tandoori Chicken

Art of Soft Phulka

Make simple dough

Phulka is common Indian cuisine though most of us struggle to achieve the right characteristics. Just make a simple dough, once the dough roti is ready, first heat it on tawa for atleast 10 seconds on both sides and then place it on a high flame to see the best results like in the image

Tandoori Chicken

The marination magic

Tandoori Chicken is one of the oldest and most accepted dishes in India. The most important part of this dish is it marination. The right combination of common spices with curd overnight gives the best results at home

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